Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

For those of you who are just now following my journey, Jason has accepted an offer with the Tokyo Yakult Swallows! We have packed up from our home in Imperial Beach, CA and said goodbye to the Tijuana Toros. It was bittersweet, if I'm honest. And if I'm real honest, I was a little nervous [...]

Tijuana, Mexico

No, it's not scary. Yes, I was safe. Jason played with the Tijuana Toros for almost 4 seasons. And let me just start by saying, you haven't been to a baseball game until you've been to one in Mexico. We had at least 4 mascots to entertain, fans would would dress up like characters, and [...]

Team Babe

We love our guys. We are their biggest supporters and #1 fans. If you're doing the long-distance thing, we're at home waiting for their FaceTime before they leave for the field, hooking up the iPad to the TV to watch the game online, cheering with your glass of wine on the couch, then waiting for [...]


How did I end up in this crazy, yet adventurous baseball life? I met Jason at my former place of work in 2014. He was training in his off-season and I was working an internship to receive my degree from Arizona State University. Minding my own business, I see a guy (a pretty cute one) [...]