How did I end up in this crazy, yet adventurous baseball life? I met Jason at my former place of work in 2014. He was training in his off-season and I was working an internship to receive my degree from Arizona State University. Minding my own business, I see a guy (a pretty cute one) wearing a pair of shorts from my favorite baseball team. Of course, I made the first move to start conversation. Turns out, he used to play for the team which I thought was pretty cool. We chatted it up from time to time after, falling for his jokes,  when I realized I felt like a little girl being pushed around in a sandbox. Him and the guys he trained with were always messing with me (it was all fun), ultimately giving me the nickname “Carol”. To this day, I still don’t know why, but that is my nickname from here on out.

Of course, the time comes where the guys have to leave for spring training, so I got his number just to “keep in touch”. I shot him a text a couple weeks later just to check in, no response. I was crushed! I totally thought we had a good thing going, but who was I kidding, he was a sexy baseball player I’d never see again!

Seasons over, I’m at work, and who walks in… it’s him (play it cool)! Same as before, we chatted it up for the next couple weeks, played stupid jokes, but it wasn’t enough for me. And I’m pretty sure my coworkers were tired of seeing me flirting (instead of working) with him, so I finally got the courage to ask him to lunch. He chose sushi. I told him I loved sushi. I’d never tried sushi. HELP.

We met for lunch, I tried the raw hamachi, and LOVED it (whew). Win win. Six hours later, we had a great first date. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, season was already here and he left for California to play with the Tijuana Toros in Mexico. This time, it was different. We kept in touch via text, and he actually invited me out. So what did I do? DUH, I took that opportunity, packed up my suitcase and was off to Cali! I had a amazing time seeing him, and not at my place of work for once. I came back to Arizona, sad we couldn’t just run off into the sunset, so I waited, yet again for the off-season.

As you baseball WAGS know, communication isn’t always peachy in baseball life. It was hard to keep in touch after that. I was accepted into PTA school and started shortly after my visit, while he was in his championship series, so our communication became slim. I decided to leave this “thing” behind me and focus on myself.

A few months past, season was over and I get a text to meet for lunch. I was hesitant because I wanted more, but who am I kidding, I met up with him anyways (I was in love!). Turns out, he took the whole off-season OFF from winter ball. He explained he wanted to see where this would go, and oh, it went! We finally started dating, and well babes, the rest is history! I found the man of my dreams with time and patience. It was well worth the wait.

So, what happened next? Something I had never done before, a long-distance relationship. Welcome to the baseball life! #wagsinreallife #lifespeachy


I decided to start this blog to share my personal life experiences with, for those who want to get insight on the baseball life and long-distant relationships, follow my journey to different countries, or even learn some personal fitness inspo.

Enjoy, babes.


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