The “Long-Distance Thing”

So many people say “a long-distance relationship is so hard”, “don’t ever do it”, “how can you trust each other?”. Well babes, it’s not as hard as people think. Of course I missed my man, but with a lot of communication and thank God for FaceTime, you get the job done. He was playing his third season with the Tijuana Toros in Mexico, so I traveled and flew to California every other weekend to see him. (No, they can’t come see you. I think that was the worst question people would ask me.) This life isn’t always easy, but you sign up for it.

Sometimes, just 3 days seeing him wasn’t enough, but then I thought about other WAGS out there who go months without seeing their guys, so I had it pretty peachy. I still had to finish school and he a job to do, but we made it work! Now, don’t let me fool you, there are other aspects in life you have to think about, as well. As many of you WAGS know, or those who are just beginning this life, baseball comes with many sacrifices.

I lost friends. You would think being long-distance would give you more time with others, but that’s not aways the case. I was already in school, working on the weekends, and to add travel to the list?! I found it hard to balance it all at some points. Some didn’t understand my life. Maybe I couldn’t handle it all. Most of my time had to go to studying, I didn’t have the time to go out or make plans like I used to. I still had to work on the weekends if I wasn’t going to California. Being in a new relationship, also a long-distance relationship, I had to make the time to make it work. Yes, I still made whatever time I had for friends, but sometimes, you have to do what is best for YOU. And those who have stuck with you to see that, they’re your real supporters. My biggest tip of advise: find balance in your life.

My income was cut in half. I was bartending at the time on the weekends (school during the week), and if you’re in the industry, well you know you’re not making money unless you’re working. This got very hard at times. Do I work this weekend or do I go see him? Sometimes, I had to sacrifice our time to make money. We didn’t always see eye to eye on that, either. He wanted my time, which is more valuable than money. Communication ladies, is how I did it. They will have to understand you WILL need help! We know they’re sacrificing for us, but communicate with them you are also doing the same!

All in all, we made it through the whole season. I finally finished school at the beginning of the off-season, and it was time to decide what was next. I decided to put my life on hold, and move to California with him the following season. Yes, those thoughts came to my mind of “what about all the schooling you did?”, “you’re never going to work!”, “you’re leaving your friends and family”, but why not? Life is full of opportunities and new adventures. TAKE THEM! I had never lived anywhere else, work will always be there, I wasn’t far from my friends and family, and most importantly, what was going to make ME happy? Life’s peachy, babes. Watch it grow. #wagsinreallife #lifespeachy

9.11.17. Watching him win the Championship game, while working Sunday Football.
04.28.18. My going away party to California.

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