Team Babe

We love our guys. We are their biggest supporters and #1 fans. If you’re doing the long-distance thing, we’re at home waiting for their FaceTime before they leave for the field, hooking up the iPad to the TV to watch the game online, cheering with your glass of wine on the couch, then waiting for their FaceTime after they’re home and it’s past midnight.

If you’re not doing the long-distance thing, then we’re at every home game, trying to get a cute pic to post to show our support, waiting for them to get that home run at every bat or striking out every player up to bat, or in my case waiting til the 9th inning to see Jason to come out to pitch and close the game out. We’re there to support their passion, their career, talk about the good and the bad, and do what we can to be there for them! But who do you talk about getting your hair and nails done with, the captions to put on those super cute IG pics with your man, good places to eat or drink in that city? Well ladies, welcome to the WAGS!

WAGS stands for wives and girlfriends. Many of my friends and family have asked what the #wagsinreallife stands for. It’s a great community I found when I joined the baseball life, the real life wives and girlfriends of baseball (@wagsinreallife). Hundreds of WAGS who tell their baseball journeys, those who travel or don’t travel with their men, the moving struggles, the life-long friendships built across the community, and so much more.

My first season with Jason began in Tucson, Arizona in 2017 when Jason was playing his third season with the Tijuana Toros. I drove down for the day to see a game and I didn’t know ANYONE. It was like bringing me back to when I was a kid, “are they nice?”, “they’ve all done this before I’m sure”, “I hope they like me!”. Well, that changed REALLY fast when I met Chelsea, a girl who had been with the team for a few years. She was SO nice, and instantly we exchanged numbers and she texted me later that day to give me the run down. She was the only one I met during Spring Training, but I knew I would be able to meet the rest during the season!

The season started and I slowly got to meet all the girls. Let me tell you, they are awesome! Everyone was so nice, wanting to make friends with one another, just like you. Everyone is from somewhere different, so you get to learn about their experiences and share yours. These girls will become some of your best friends.

These are just few of the many moments I’ve had with them over the last couple of seasons. We ride to the games together, grab dinner or drinks when the guys are gone (girl’s night!), go to the farmer’s market, or even just have dinner on the beach with the kiddos. On some off days, we would head to the beach, play some smash ball and head to dinner! It’s like we’re all family. And of course, they make games THAT much more fun! Getting to sit with each other, eating gorditas and burritos from the field, drinking our mini bottled sangrias we snuck in our purses, and cheering on not only their guys, but yours too. #teambabe 

They understand this life and some of the struggles we have to go through because of baseball. They will be there for you as if they’ve known you forever. What I’m saying is, you need these girls! And they need you. You’re all in this life together and the support will be unreal. #wagsinreallife


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